Bullying, a frustrating situation.

Bullying is a common thing. Go to any school in the world and signs of bullying can be seen almost anywhere. Quiet kids who constantly glance behind their shoulders. A child who doesnt have any pocket money for lunch. Bullying may seem like a minor problem but if prolonged, things may get out of hands and also link to other social problems as well.

Steps To Take

Want to find out how to know if your child is being bullied at school? Here are some of the common signs shown to bullied victims;

Possible Warning Signs That Your Child Is Being Bullied:
  • Comes home with torn or damaged clothes. 
  • Some of her items are missing. 
  • Tries to skip school with minor excuse such as stomachaches or headaches. 
  • Is hesitant of going to school or partaking in school events such as school clubs. 
  • Appears to be depressed when they return home. 
  • Experiences lost of appetite frequently. 
  • Has trouble sleeping.
If your child shows any of these signs, it does not necessarily mean that he is being bullied. However, he should not be left unattended. Try talking to him and make him feel more comfortable so that he will be open-minded and start to share his problems with you. Try asking questions such as;
  • "How was school today?" 
  • “Who do you always sit at lunch with?” 
  • “Is there anyone who pick on you at school?” 
  • "Is everything okay?"
If you have to, try to contact the staff at his school. Ask them if your child was being bullied by other students and how does he react to it. From there, you can help your child in his weak points such as his low self- esteem or weak confidence. Try to help your child partake in activities that build his character such as attending karate lessons or playing soccer with his brothers.

 Helping your child to overcome bullying is a long process but a worth experience as well. It helps you to build an unbreakable bond between you and the child. Your child would also soon realise that they are never alone. His family members are always there to support him and also he is able to differentiate from friend to bully.