Bullying, a frustrating situation.

Bullying is a common thing. Go to any school in the world and signs of bullying can be seen almost anywhere. Quiet kids who constantly glance behind their shoulders. A child who doesnt have any pocket money for lunch. Bullying may seem like a minor problem but if prolonged, things may get out of hands and also link to other social problems as well.

Bully And Bullied

Bullies tend to tease other kids because of one common reason; popularity. They bully weaker kids because they want to attract attention from the people around him. That would give him a sense of power and respect. Other reasons why bullying occurs is that they have a certain jealousy on somebody. Such a scenario would be when a certain someone has a date with the most prettiest girl in school hence, igniting a flame of bullying. This could also cause physical violence as most bullies are not willing to back out when confronted. They are afraid that people around him would start to lose respect for him as he was humiliated in front of a crowd.

 The victim on the other hand would face a more emotional effect. They would start to feel more afraid day by day and eventually start to get paranoid about almost everything. He would start to wonder if people are talking about him, rumors about him are being spread around and even think if his friends are being faithful to him. They would start to feel insecure and lose their sense of belonging. He would start to feel different from the rest. If this prolonged, cyberbullying would occurr whereby for instance, his Facebook profile would receive negative comments. Most children would think that the only way to solve this problem is by transferring to another school where he thinks he could restart all over again.

                         Ask yourself. Would you like it if you feel different than the rest?