Bullying, a frustrating situation.

Bullying is a common thing. Go to any school in the world and signs of bullying can be seen almost anywhere. Quiet kids who constantly glance behind their shoulders. A child who doesnt have any pocket money for lunch. Bullying may seem like a minor problem but if prolonged, things may get out of hands and also link to other social problems as well.

In Singapore

As in other parts of the world, bullying is a problem in Singapore schools. In June 2006, a survey of 4000 Singaporean schoolchildren was conducted by the Harvest Centre for Research, Training and Development, and the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth. 95% of all the children surveyed said that they had been bullied in school. 2800 of the 4000 had experienced physical bullying: being kicked, hit or pushed.

Besides physical violence, other common forms of bullying are the use of vulgar language, name-calling and the spreading of negative rumors. Ms. Tan, head of the Singapore Children's Society, said, "Although the impact of physical bullying is greater, we cannot underestimate the effect of verbal abuses. Bullying usually starts small and, if you don't curb it then, it may become a big problem later."

Singapore does not have any compulsory anti-bullying scheme. However if individual schools have made their own anti-bullying campaign to counter this bullying situation. As stated by the Ministry Of Education, "Bullying is a serious matter and besides disciplinary actions, other actions such as counselling and other preventive actions are being carried out." Discipline masters and teachers are being trained to track and deal with bullying in public schools.

Did you know that most bully victims always end up as bullies themselves?

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