Bullying, a frustrating situation.

Bullying is a common thing. Go to any school in the world and signs of bullying can be seen almost anywhere. Quiet kids who constantly glance behind their shoulders. A child who doesnt have any pocket money for lunch. Bullying may seem like a minor problem but if prolonged, things may get out of hands and also link to other social problems as well.

How bullying exists.

Bullying may occur anywhere.Lets picture a scenario. In a new class of students, there are two types of students. There are friendly students and the shy ones. Friendly students will easily adapt to a new school as they will easily make new friends. However, the shy children will easily get nervous about making new friends. They will have countless thoughts about making new friends such as "Will she be a good friend?" or maybe "Am I being too direct?". Sooner or later, the friendly children will form a circle of friends and start to pick on the shy children in order to gain popularity or even attract attention to other students. And hence, bullying has taken place.